About Priyo

Priyo (priyo.com) is a leading internet media company in Bengali language dedicated to News, Sports, Business, Technology, Entertainment, Life Style, Travel and breaking news. It has recently been a hotbed of innovation and extraordinary ambition. Its objective is to be the best online content portal by providing integrated view of news, corporate information and applications to their widely dispersed readers. Priyo focuses on publishing inspiring, entertaining and useful content round the clock.

Priyo.com had set out its journey in 2011 with its most popular tech site; and now it has a complete news web portal in Bangladesh. Founder and CEO of Priyo, Zakaria Swapan had established this company to break newer grounds in online media sector and move one step forward towards a Digital Bangladesh.

Priyo is the first company in Bangladesh to receive venture capital funding from Silicon Valley, California, USA. Fenox VC has invested in Priyo to take the innovation to the next level.

Founded in 2011, Priyo and its network of websites now reaches over 4 million unique readers and draws more than 50 million pageviews per month. Priyo community includes more than 2.6 million followers in Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and other social media.

In the year 2015, Priyo Ltd was registered as a BASIS member. In the recent year, Priyo has started its new venture of Priyo Publications, Priyogo and Priyo Pins. It aims to set its footmark as a revolutionary pioneer of Digital Bangladesh by taking steps that has never been done before.

Journalists and Contributors

Priyo has established a team of young, talented and tech-savvy professionals, working hard to provide practical/meaningful information that the readers want right into their hands. Its journalists and contributors bring deep insights from the heart of the community. The team is working dedicatedly to keep the readers updated with the most recent news. Its contributors write thought pieces and other types of articles regularly. Priyo has had many contributors in the organization over the years and is always looking for more. Priyo also inspires and encourages readers to use Priyo’s platform and share their experiences and knowledge with the entire community. Priyo with its100+ full time employees (including reporters from the field) wants to become one of the most influential news brands of the country and become the number 1 source of news in Bengali language.


Priyo creates revenue in a variety of ways. In addition to advertising on the site, Priyo offers other ways to reach the clients’ target customers only. Priyo offers sponsored contents, sponsored videos, editorial choice articles, and campaigns on various festivals based on clients requirements.